5 提示 to Start Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

May 9, 2019

The business of real estate is now conducted largely online. Rather than opening their Sunday papers to look at homes, or perusing realtors in the Yellow pages, folks are heading to Instagram, 脸谱网, other social media pages.

Realtors know that they can use social media to build trust, generate leads, create relationships with potential customers. 社交媒体也是建立思想领导力的途径, branding, connecting with influencers. 唯一的问题是,很多房地产经纪人并没有充分利用社交媒体. Some still aren’t using it at all.

好消息是,你可以为你的房地产企业创建一个很棒的社交媒体营销策略, the process is quite painless. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or revisiting an existing strategy, 看看这五个建议,从今天开始你的房地产社交媒体营销.

First: The Importance of Setting Goals

Social media marketing efforts are never static. 随着时间的推移,当你更了解什么适合你的公司,什么不适合你的时候,它们就会改变. They also evolve as your goals do the same. 这些目标通常被称为关键绩效指标(kpi). 这些应该与你的社交媒体营销努力相匹配,可能包括:

● Getting more followers
● Increasing engagement
● Increasing traffic to your website or landing pages
● Earning more subscribers to your blog or newsletter
● Generating more leads

一旦你确立了自己的目标,你就会开始围绕这些目标开展社交媒体活动. Setting goals also gives you a way to establish metrics. 然后,通过收集和分析数据,您可以确定哪些是有效的,哪些是无效的.

Now, onto the tips…

1. Using Videos is Practically Mandatory

87% of online marketers are using video. 你肯定不想成为13%仍然落后的人中的一员吧. 另一个 51%的营销人员认为视频是投资回报率最高的内容类型.

Video can jumpstart your social media presence. 它还可以帮助你更好地满足客户的需求. For example, you can use video to:

  • 为世界各地的潜在购房者提供虚拟之旅.
  • Showcase properties through Snapchat or Instagram stories.
  • 使用现场视频提要进行物业攻关,开放房屋,或Q&A sessions.
  • 创建一系列YouTube视频,教育购买和出售财产的来龙去脉.

2. Make Local Content a Priority

Chances are, many of your potential clients will be local. Those that aren’t will still be interested in news, 事件, 以及他们正在寻找购买和出售房产的地区的信息. 这两类人都会使用本地优化的关键词来搜索信息. 当然,你的内容应该有很大一部分是针对本地用户的.

Here are a few things you can do to optimize for local:

  • Share content about community 事件.
  • Write about local news stories.
  • Follow other local businesses and boost their content.
  • 参加并赞助当地的活动和慈善机构,然后在你的社交媒体上分享.
  • 在你的帖子#myCity #mycityrealestate中使用本地优化的标签
  • Connect with local influencers and media outlets
  • 通过写博客和参与当地房地产新闻和话题的对话来建立思想领导力.
  • 加入与房地产或其他互补行业相关的社交媒体团体.g. Banking and construction).
  • Use locally optimized keywords in your content.

If you operate in multiple locations, 你可以考虑为每个地点创建一个独立的社交媒体. 最后,不要忘记创建和优化您的谷歌我的业务简介. 它与社交媒体没有直接关系,但会提高你的整体本地优化努力.

3. Use Hashtags to Make Content Searchable And Engaging

It’s time to embrace hashtags. They can help you improve name recognition, boost your branding, 让社交媒体用户更容易找到你的内容. 是的, there’s potential for hashtag overuse, 但是,这些潜在的好处使这些添加到您的内容非常值得.

Start by creating a handful of branded hashtags. 您将在您的帖子中使用这些方法,并鼓励您的追随者也这样做. 品牌标签是一种原始的标签,你创建直接与你的业务相关. These might include, #youragencyname, #youragencynamecity, #youragencynamehomes, #youragencynamecommercial, #youragencynamesells.

Next, you’ll want to learn about industry-relevant hashtags. There are several that are popular in the real estate niche. 这些是完美的,使你的社会媒体内容更可见的潜在追随者和客户. Here are some of the more common tags:

  • #JustListed
  • #待售
  • #HomeInspiration
  • #DreamHome
  • #RealEstate
  • #HouseHunting
  • #Location
  • #租赁


最后, 你可以使用与你的业务或房地产没有直接关系,但与某个特定帖子相关的标签. For example, if you’re agency is in Chicago, 如果你分享当地的体育新闻,你可以使用#Cubs或#WhiteSox标签. 如果使用得当,它们会让你的内容更有趣,更吸引人.

让你的话题标签获得最大吸引力的技巧是了解如何在你的内容中自然地使用它们. 首先要写一些有吸引力和相关的文章. Try using a few tools and resources to help including, Hemingway, Grammarly, Hot Essay Service.

4. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Before you get started on any social media platform, you have to fill out a profile and create an account. 您可能会试图匆忙完成这个过程,只提供必需的信息. That way, you can get down to posting great content, right?

Don’t do that. 一份完整的、精心制作的个人资料真的会有很大的不同. 如果你做了任何改变,你也必须更新你的个人资料. 花时间确保以下所有信息都是完整和最新的:

  • Your Profile And Background Photo
  • Address Information
  • Email And Other Contact Details
  • 网站

Next, you’ll want to add any other information that you can. 根据平台的不同,这将是你的简历、故事、工作时间、提供的服务等等.

5. Let Your Happy Customers do The Talking

您可以以推荐的形式利用用户生成的内容, positive reviews, 并分享图片和故事,以创造良好的社交媒体参与度. 用户生成的内容也可以帮助你建立信任和可信度. You can encourage your audience to share by:

  • Creating a hashtag campaign.
  • Holding contests and giveaways.
  • Providing discounts and incentives
  • Asking satisfied customers to post a quick testimonial

你还可以分享和链接到客户生成的内容,比如评论和照片. Just be sure to get the appropriate permissions, to thank the customer for their positive feedback.

最后, remember that everyone loves a good story. 如果你有一个客户有一个了不起的购房或销售故事,把它写下来. 与你的追随者分享来增加善意,并展示你能为他们做什么.

Final Thoughts

你在社交媒体上的表现可以为你的房地产生意带来很大的好处. 应用这五个技巧,你的流量和用户粘性就会增长.

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更多关于作者:Bridgette Hernandez是作家和编辑 Supreme Dissertations, IS Accurate. She has a background in digital marketing and copywriting, 并且热衷于通过社交媒体帮助人们提高销量和参与度. In her spare time, Mary enjoys writing poetry, attending spoken word 事件, playing tennis with her friends.

May 9, 2019